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Analyzing our Plans and Partnerships in Safety

The Monticello School District takes the safety of its students and staff very seriously. Practices include locked doors, sign-in sheets, security cameras, safety monitors and school resource officers. Throughout the year, each school conducts procedural drills including fire evacuation and armed intruder lockdown. To ensure consistency in the response to an emergency situation, Monticello utilizes a comprehensive safety plan, which is analyzed and updated regularly by a district-wide safety team.

Responding to a dangerous situation

To ensure consistency in the response to an emergency situation, the district utilizes a comprehensive safety plan that includesMCSD Safety Committee members discuss important issues procedures and policies for every case scenario imaginable. In partnership with local and state police, emergency responders and Sullivan County BOCES safety consultant Mike LaFountain, along with other administrators, teachers and parents candidly discuss the district’s disaster preparedness guide. 

“The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority,” said Mr. Murphy. “We utilize experts in the law enforcement profession to help us ensure that our safety procedures are up-to-date, relevant and all encompassing.”

Preparing for disaster

The district-wide safety plan is extensive and covers many topics including an emergency personnel flowchart, phone directory, response to an explosion and information relating to a medical emergency such as food poisoning, heart attack, respiratory arrest and school bus accident. One section of the guide focuses on environmental problems and provides personnel with guidance involving floods, tornadoes, hazardous waste spills, water contamination, radiological incidents and earthquakes.

Other areas covered in the guide include civil disturbances, bomb threats, vandalism, hostages, gas leaks, toxic material spills and an electrical system failure.

“It is important to remember that the confidentiality of the details in our emergency response plan is to protect us from a person who may seek to do us harm,” said Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky.

Photo: Members of the district-wide safety team, from left, Sergeant Cheryl Crumley from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department, Monticello Village Police Chief Robert Mir, New York State Trooper Jason Cole and George L. Cooke Elementary School Principal Sandra Johnson-Fields, discuss proposed updates to current safety practices. MobileMedic EMS President Albee Bockman and Sullivan County Deputy Sheriff Mike Schneider were also a part of the safety conversation and discussion with district personnel.