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Monticello CSD's fiscal/environmental stress results 2017

Feb. 7, 2018

Each year, the NYS Comptroller’s Office issues a report to determine the level of “fiscal stress” of each school district in the state. In November, the reporting system was enhanced, adding indicators of environmental stress to the report.

Fiscal stress indicators are items that a district can control, such as its fund balance and operating deficit; whereas environmental stress indicators include items outside of the district’s control such as the district’s poverty rate and assessed home value. There are four levels for each category: significant stress, moderate stress, susceptible stress and no designation.

Monticello CSD’s fiscal stress score of 6.7% decreased from last year’s score of 20% and is within the “no designation” level, which is the lowest level of stress. The district’s score in 2015 was 0%.

“The changes made to the system made a year-to-year comparison difficult,” Assistant Superintendent for Business Lisa Failla said. “I believe that the district will continue to remain in the no designation range into the future.”

With the inclusion of the new environmental stress score this year, the Office of the Comptroller retroactively compiled scores for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Monticello’s scores are as follows: 2015 – 73.3% (significant stress), 2016 – 58.3% (moderate stress) and 2017 – 41.7% (susceptible to stress).

All of the indicators which the state used to score the district are listed on the district’s report. The two indicators with the highest impact on the district’s score were scores are percentage of economically disadvantaged students, and percent change in property value.

“Based on the indicators used, I believe that Monticello will remain in either the moderate environmental stress, or susceptible environmental stress level for the immediate future,” Failla said. “If our percentage of English Language Learners increases, the district’s score may go back to moderate environmental stress.

To read Monticello CSD’s fiscal stress report, click here and search for Monticello (be sure to click on the “school” in the search results).