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The library opens up a whole new world

Dec. 4, 2017

Librarian Cheryl Jones reads to first grade students at Cooke Elementary.Cheryl Jones, the librarian at E.B. Crawford Public Library, paid a visit to Cooke Elementary School first grade classes recently. Jones introduced the children to all of the wonderful opportunities the local library has to offer.

Jones provided several book choices for the students. Each class picked the book they wanted to hear and Jones was delighted to oblige. Needless to say, the kids loved her.

The children walked away with information about obtaining a library card, as well as a calendar of events. Jones sparked the interest of the students with all of the activities going on and encouraged them to visit the library to take out books whenever possible.



Students from April Lasky and Christine Cavello’s first grade classes enjoyed listening to “The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors” by Drew Daywalt, which was read to them by E.B. Crawford librarian Cheryl Jones.