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Thanksgiving for 100 families

MHS Food Drive supports 100 families with Thanksgiving dinners

Dec. 11, 2017

Students of Monticello High School celebrated each other’s generosity with an assembly announcing the winners of this year’sHigh school food drive results Thanksgiving Food Drive. Students and staff at Monticello High School raised more than $4,500 to contribute toward a full Thanksgiving dinner for 100 families in the Monticello area.

Principal Stephen Wilder spoke about the importance of giving back to the community. He thanked Karen Collura, department head for English Language Arts in the high school, for leading the charge for the food drive, and then introduced this year’s Thanksgiving Food Drive chairpersons, seniors Somaya Bracy, Erica Jahn, Krista Novello, and Kate Saracelli.

With the help of Collura, these student leaders spent three weeks organizing the drive and collecting the school’s donations. Each spoke about the importance of family traditions and being grateful throughout the holiday season.

The Turkey Crew committee lined the stage as the audience was able to see the towers of stuffing, yams, and other traditional Thanksgiving dishes. The school works with the United Way to identify families in need for the donations.

The chairpeople announced the overall winners of the food drive competition. Mr. Russo’s class donated a staggering $1,010.37, an unprecedented and overwhelmingly generous donation, according to Collura. Their prize? Principal Wilder and assistant principals Robyn Boardman and Christopher Palmer will cook a full breakfast for the entire class.

Collura was pleased with this year’s food drive and the tradition behind it.Food drive chairpersons with Karen Collura

“The Monticello High School Food Drive is a long-standing tradition
which spans three decades and has had generations of students as participants,” said Collura. “As a school-wide act of community service, all stakeholders in the high school worked in unison to kick off the holiday season in an extremely positive manner.”

The generosity and positivity continue as the school is currently
working together collecting money for the annual Toy Drive, another long-standing high school tradition.


Karen Collura, center, is flanked by the Thanksgiving Food Drive chairpersons, seniors Somaya Bracy, Erica Jahn, Krista Novello and Kate Saracelli.