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Letters from Cooke

Nov. 2, 2017

 Second graders mail their lettersThe second grade students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School have been working on writing letters as part of their ELA curriculum. Each student put their new learning into action by writing a letter to a special person in their lives.

On Oct. 17, the second graders had a special visitor come to the Cooke School to help them mail their letters. Mailman “Chuck” brought the mail truck and a mail bin for the student’s to mail their letters. Each student placed their letter in the mail bin and was able to take a look inside of the mail truck. The students thought the whole processes was pretty amazing and wanted to do it  again! Students tour the mail truck

Pictured here are second grade student Daisy Wingert mailing her letter. Second grade students walk through the mail truck. Kate Morgan’s second grade students along with Lauren Siegel and Colleen Belgiovene’s second graders outside of the mail truck with Mailman Chuck.
Students pose with Mailman Chuck