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Thank you, Cooke nurses!

May 22, 2017 

Cooke students thank their nurses on National Nurses Day.

The George L. Cooke Elementary School Kindergarten students love to surprise and show appreciation to others. So on Wednesday, May 10, all of Cooke's kindergarten students gathered in the hallway in front of the nurse’s office and showed their appreciation on National Nurse's Day. They made Nurses Kelly Ketchcam and Cherie DeGraw cards and gave them each a plant to brighten their week.

Photo: Cooke kindergarten students, Principal Sandra Johnson Fields, Nurse Cheris DeGraw, kindergarten teachers Jen Somers, Megan Hobby, Nurse Kelly Ketcham, Assistant Principal Rosemarie Romano, Kindergarten teachers Jessica Ashcraft and Nicki Wells celebrate National Nurse's Day.