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Key Club spreads spring cheer to CRMC

May 21, 2017 

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate the start of new growth. With that in mind, the Monticello High School Key Club created beautiful “Happy Spring” cards and recently delivered them to the Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU) at Catskill Regional Medical Center in Harris, NY.

Students were greeted with warm and friendly smiles. As each Key Clubber mingled and presented the residents of SNU with their individually designed cards, they sat and spoke to the residents about “springtime."

The students were accompanied by Key Club School Advisors Steven Raabe and Candice Andrejcisk, as well as Kiwanis Advisor Jane Sorensen. Also in attendance was Sullivan County Legislator Alan Sorensen, serenading and strumming his guitar to some featured artists like the late John Denver.

 It was a wonderful afternoon filled with smiles and music for the residents of SNU and our students.

Key Club students visit residents of the Catskill Regional Medical Center.

Key Club students visit residents of the Catskill Regional Medical Center.Legislator Alan Sorensen entertains residents.

Photo captions:
(top): SNU residents, Key Club members and Key Club advisors enjoy a pleasant visit
(bottom left)): Legislator Alan Sorensen entertains SNU residents
(bottom right): Key Club members from left: Kachina Smith, Rachel Leventoff and Leslie DeJesus