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Cooke celebrates Cinco De Mayo

May 21, 2017 

Cooke students create sombreros on Cinco De Mayo.On May 5, the students of George L. Cooke Elementary School celebrated Cinco De Mayo. This event was organized by EPIC Program Manager Jane Sorensen and Cooke Elementary Principal Sandra Johnson Fields.

EPIC Facilitator Shanita Artson created a wonderful art project with the students. This group activity engaged students during lunchtime to decorate a sombrero hat made out of recycled materials. Along with the art activity, the students watched an educational video telling the story of Cinco De Mayo. Latin music played throughout lunchtime with some salsa dancing incorporateStudents create colorful sombreros on Cinco De Mayo.d into the activity! Everyone had a great time!





Photo above: First grade students create colorful sombreros.
Photo right: Principal Sandra Johnson Fields, EPIC Facilitator Shanita Artson and EPIC Program Manager Jane Sorensen celebrate Cinco De Mayo with second and third grade students.