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Chase ups its game on physical fitness, wins New Balance movement kit

Jan. 23, 2017

Emma C. Chase Elementary School recently received a movement kit from the athletic footwear and fitness apparel company New Balance and its foundation, NB SparkStart.

Valued at $500, the kits include a variety of equipment ranging from basketball and footballs to soccer balls and jump ropes. To date, hundreds of these kits have been distributed to youth programs and school districts in 30 states, and have been an integral part of getting more children physically active.

"Our goal is to inspire millions of children around the world to discover and nurture their movement spark," said Anne Davis, New Balance Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of Administration. "Children thrive when they are physically active. Whether it's a love for jumping, running, soccer, or riding a bike, we believe that children who find their spark – how they love to move – stay active for a lifetime."

Through grants, associate volunteerism and engagement, athlete involvement, product donations, retail events and consumer engagement, NB SparkStart works with schools like Chase Elementary to improve the health, well-being and self-esteem of children worldwide.