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AOF Students Learn the Importance of Professional Dress and Interview Strategies

November 3, 2016

Evadne Giannini, a local businesswoman and Academy of Finance Board Vice-President, recently visited junior-level accounting students to speak about the importance of dressing appropriately in a business setting. She enthusiastically spoke about how business attire can leave a lasting impression with coworkers and customers and how it can contribute to your success in an interview.

Ms. Giannini spoke of first impressions and how a boss or manager may evaluate you during an interview. The interviewer will notice your punctuality as well as how you conduct your body language during an interview. Arriving late will often leave a poor initial impression with an interviewer. Ms. Giannini also stressed that an interviewee should be aware of social cues in a business environment because it can help the interviewee navigate through workplace culture and show that you would be a good fit for a job. More specifically, she told students that 7% of communication is verbal and 93% of communication is non-verbal and that dressing in business attire and being early to an interview can put an interviewee in a successful position for a job opportunity.

From this experience, students took away that how interviewees dress and act can impact how an interviewee is perceived. It was a pleasure to listen to and learn from Ms. Giannini and understand the proper strategies for success in our futures.
For more information, contact: Tyrese Vilela