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School, library partnership encourages independent reading

Students at Chase “paws” to read a book through a school-library book club

Sept. 24, 2015

Mamakating Library Club Commitee There are so many concepts, skills and standards to be covered in any given school day, week or year that it can be easy to forget about one simple activity that leads students down a path of lifelong learning: independent reading.

As young children are growing increasingly immersed in digital devices, creative administrators from Emma C. Chase Elementary School – along with representatives of the Mamakating Library – are proving there are plenty of great ways to get children excited about reading on their own for fun.

Families and their children are invited to participate in the Mamakating Library Club, a free book club offered at the Mamakating Library.

This home-school-community partnership was designed to encourage parents and children to visit the library and read a book for fun and become active public library users. It is offered by a partnership that consists of Mamakating Library Director, Greg Wirszyla; Chase Elementary School Principal, William Frandino; Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) Program Director, Jane Sorensen and teachers Ann Van Etten and Joe Prestianni. School, library partnership encourages independent reading

“This is the second year that we have been able to offer the library, and we are very excited about the opportunity to participate in this unique program again,” said Mrs. Sorensen “Families that participated last year learned the importance of reading outside of the classroom.”

The mission of the Mamakating Library Club, says Frandino, is to support literacy with students and to help families understand that our school community and our local library are partners in this effort.

“Through these types of initiatives, we hope to promote the use of the public library as a community resource, encourage young people to read outside of their required school reading and become familiar with the local library so they are comfortable to visit again and again,” he said.

How the Mamakating Library Club works:

• Each month, two teachers from Chase Elementary will select a three or four books for club members to check out at the Mamakating Library. Teachers aim for interesting, good-quality books that students may not otherwise come into contact with.

• The books of the month, together with a photo of the teachers, are on display in the Mamakating Library for club members to find.

• When a student checks out the book, a librarian will take down his/her name and grade to be placed in a raffle.

• Every student who participates will have their name featured on a bulletin board inside the school.

• Students are encouraged to rate and discuss the book with their teachers or club members.

• Raffle winners will be announced at the end of each month. Winners will receive a small prize.

The Mamakating Library is located at 128 Sullivan Street in Wurtsboro, NY. For more information about the library, visit For more information about the Mamakating Library Club, contact EPIC Program Director Jane Sorensen at