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Board policy on volunteers to be enforced during 2015-16 school year

safety measures strengthened; volunteer applications required

August 4, 2015

Monticello Central School District is grateful to all of our district volunteers who join us in our schools on a regular basis. Our parents who assist in the classrooms and community members who dedicate their time to strengthen our programs are cherished resources. Your expertise, time and sincere commitment to the education of our children are invaluable.

As part of the district's ongoing efforts to strengthen our safety protocols, we will be implementing procedures outlined in the MCSD Board of Education “School Volunteers” policy, which was adopted in May 2007. This policy encompasses the above sentiment while putting in place structures that are needed to safeguard our school community. It was created in alignment with regulations related to safeguarding regular education/special education students, child abuse in the educational setting, and other components of NYSED education policy.

In relation to safety and security, the policy specifically states:

“Persons wishing to volunteer must contact the Superintendent or Building Principal or other individual designated by the Superintendent or Building Principal and must complete a volunteer application form. The application form shall require the volunteer applicant to disclose any criminal convictions. The application form shall also require the applicant to identify two nonfamily member personal references. The district shall retain a complete record of all information obtained through the application process for the same period of time it retains information regarding district employees.”

Also for your reference, please click on the links to review
The District Code of Conduct (adopted on July 23, 2015) and the
MCSD BoE Policy on Volunteers.

If you are planning to volunteer in our schools, please complete an application (see links below) and return it to your building principal. Your principal will be happy to answer questions or provide a copy of the application. The district will keep applications on file, so it should not be necessary for you to complete it more than once while your children are attending school in the district.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our students safe!

download volunteer application form     fillable application form     [both in PDF format]