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Celebrating Culture and Diversity in Monticello Schools

Celebrating Culture and Diversity in Monticello Central School District is an award-winning, district-wide effort to incorporate positive cultural references into everyday classroom learning and to celebrate the many diverse cultures that comprise the district. The initiative also focuses on teaching tolerance and respect among students. 

This initiative, launched in 2010, goes beyond the professional responsibility of educators to have equal expectations for all students regardless of skin color, cultural background or religion. It is an ethical obligation to ensure that the core values of the district are upheld, that every student is treated with dignity and respect, and that there is equal access to opportunities and resources. This is the true recipe for success.

Annual/Monthly Celebrations

Awareness in Monticello Schools

Click here to view a digital photo array that highlights ways staff and students recognize and honor the contributions and beauty of the cultures that comprise this diverse school district.

Click here to view an anti-bullying video produced by the Monticello High School LGBTS (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Supporters) Club.

Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) Family Resources

The EPIC organization provides a variety of free resources to families throughout Monticello Central School District, including parenting workshops, an early learning book club and a family literacy program. To learn more, contact one of the EPIC parent coordinators for Monticello schools:

Click here to learn more about EPIC. 

Classroom Resources on Social Justice

Facing History and Ourselves:

Southern Poverty Law Center - Teaching Tolerance:

The following information is from the annual Multicultural Conference at SUNY New Paltz and was distributed by Stir Fry Seminars, a consulting firm that provides professional development materials for diversity training.