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All school closings and delays are posted on the district home page

Inclement weather and dangerous roads can affect the school day

The decision to delay the opening of school, dismiss early or close school for the day due to weather conditions is never an easy one. Our priority is always the safety of the children.

Any decision to delay opening, dismiss early or close must begin early. Our transportation supervisors arrive at the bus garage by 3:30 a.m.

After consulting weather reports and checking road conditions, the Transportation Director consults with the Highway Departments for additional road information. The Superintendent is consulted and any decision to delay or close must be made no later than 5:45 a.m. If there is a delayed opening but weather conditions continue to be a problem, the district must determine whether to close by 7:45 a.m.

Decisions to delay opening by one or two hours, dismiss early or close are not taken lightly. We want the children of the district to have uninterrupted and continuous instruction.

We are sensitive to the inconvenience to parents who must make arrangements for their children if school is delayed, dismissed early or closed but safety must take precedence over all other considerations.

Read more about how the district makes weather-related school closing decisions.

SchoolMessenger Notification System

The Monticello Central School District uses the SchoolMessenger notification system as a way to communicate school closings and delays with parents/guardians and staff members.

SchoolMessenger allows the district and each of its schools and departments to send messages via telephone, email and text.

For more information, please contact your school principal.

School Website

Parents can also access closing and delay info on the homepage of the district website - - where messages are posted and removed in a timely manner.

Monticello Facebook page

School closings, delays and early dismissals will be posted on the Monticello Facebook page. Become a fan of the Monticello Facebook page.

What happens when a district uses all its scheduled Snow Days?

The following is a reminder regarding the 180 days of session requirement in Education Law and what happens if the requirement is not met [reference Education Law section 3604 (7)].

1. Districts must provide 180 days of session to receive full Foundation Aid. Foundation Aid will be reduced by 1/180th for each day below 180 days.

2. Included in the 180 days are days on which attendance is taken, days on which Regents examinations (including “rating” days), State Assessments or local examinations are given and up to four days on which superintendent's conference days are held.

3. Since superintendent’s conference days already count toward the 180 days, changing a scheduled superintendent’s conference day to a day of instruction does not increase the number of session days.

4. If a district falls below 180 days of session, upcoming scheduled vacation days must be used to make up the shortfall.

5. Session days, including superintendent’s conference days, should not be scheduled on Saturdays, legal holidays or after the June Regents Examination period.

6. If a district falls below 180 days of session after all available scheduled vacation days have been used as session days, the district may apply to the State Aid Office to have the Foundation Aid penalty waived for up to five days.

CLICK HERE for more information about state aid on the New York State Education Department website.

7. If a district falls below 180 days of session, and cannot obtain a waiver, the district must report the actual session day information on the SAMS Form A Schedules A1 through A5 the following fall. The State Aid Office will then make the required deduction of aid during that State Aid claim year. This aid deduction will be displayed on the General Aids (GEN) output report.