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Please fill out this electronic form to report any incidents or concerns regarding bullying and harassment. This form can be automatically submitted to the Monticello Central School District by clicking the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the page.

The accused individual will not be shown this report. This is a CONFIDENTIAL report and due to privacy laws, you will likely not be notified of the outcome of the school district’s investigation.




Faculty/Staff Parent/Guardian Family Member Student



Before School During School After School


Bus (please provide bus number in comments box)
At locker
In class (please provide class name in comments box)
Street...........Name of street (if known):
By Phone (calls or text)
Other (please specify in comments box)


Hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting, hair pulling, or throwing something
Getting another person to hit or harm the student
Demeaning or making the student the victim of jokes
Making rude and/or threatening gestures
Excluding or rejecting the student
Intimidating student
Spreading harmful rumors or gossip
Other (please specify in comments box)


Yes No



Monticello High School
Robert J. Kaiser Middle School
Emma C. Chase Elementary School
George L. Cooke Elementary School
Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School