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Project Excel Preschool is managed by Easter Seals New York, Inc. and runs independently from Monticello Central School Distr

Spots still available for September 2018

The program, transportation and meals are all free. Eligible students must turn four years old by Dec. 1, 2018. For more information, or to register, call 845 794 7700 x78905

What's for lunch? Find out online

The Monticello Central School District Food Service Department provides Project Excel students with tasty and healthy meals every school day free of charge. Click here to see the school menus.

Pick up and safety procedures at Project Excel

Providing a safe and secure learning environment is a priority at Project Excel. Project Excel employs numerous measures designed to ensure the safety of students and staff: Learn more

Learn more about Project Excel

Project Excel Preschool is a collaboration between Monticello Central School District and Easter Seals. The program provides educational services for universal pre-kindergarten students of Monticello and classified preschool children from throughout Sullivan County. Project Excel offers  include day care classrooms, private tuition pre-school, universal pre-k (integrated and non-integrated) as well as classes for children with disabilities (integrated and non-integrated).

Creative curriculum

  • Project Excel classrooms are bright, colorful, full of language development and language stimulation, nurturing and open to endless possibilities for student exploration and “hands-on” learning.
  • By providing students with ample opportunities to explore areas of their interest, the curriculum focuses on using the strengths of the students to build self-esteem and the important preschool skills of socialization, language development, academic readiness and motor development.

Educated staff

  • The staff consists of well-trained, experienced educators driven by the educational philosophy of the Monticello Central School District and the early childhood policies of Easter Seals. They strive to provide an educationally stimulating classroom environment enriched with positive behavior management strategies. In a Project Excel classroom, children receive developmentally appropriate pre-academic instruction. Daily opportunities to participate in learning experiences and activities such as art, music, and movement, help encourage children’s self expression. Guided socialization activities and exposure to high quality literature are also a part of the diverse curriculum. Additionally, there are opportunities for gross motor development, participation in simple cooking activities, exposure to science activities, and computer instruction.

Accredited programs

  • Monticello’s Project Excel is fully approved by the NY State Education Department to provide special education services for infants, toddlers and preschool children. This approval also includes the certification to conduct education screenings and evaluations for children throughout Sullivan County. It is also approved by the Office of Children and Family Services to provide day care services for children. Applications and more information are available at Project Excel located at the St. John Street Education Center in Monticello, or by calling 845-794-4020. Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Scholarship information available.

Parent resources, information available at "Parent Today"

Parent Today

The district is offering parents a free resource to help them coach and support their children’s education from pre-k through high school. Parent Today is an e-newsletter and website that provides parents with the tools and information they need to be even more engaged in their children’s education. Read more

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The system enables parents and students to report instances of bullying or violence and allows for 1-way or 2-way anonymous encrypted communications between submitters (students, parents or community members) and district administration and/or school staff. Users of the system have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report. To send reports via the website, click the icon to the left. Learn more about Anonymous Alerts.

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