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Students receive Presidential Awards

June 15, 2017 

On June 7, Monticello Central School District honored the outstanding academic accomplishments of nearly 200 fifth, eighth and twelfth graders who have earned the distinction of being a part of the Presidential Education Awards Program.

Since 1983, the Presidential Education Awards Program has recognized and honored outstanding educational accomplishments. This unique program consists of two awards:

• the President's Award for Educational Excellence, and

• the President's Award for Educational Achievement.

The President's Award For Educational Excellence was established to recognize students for academic excellence. Students are eligible at grades 5-8-12 to receive this award and must meet the following criteria:

a. At the secondary level: earn a grade point average of 90 or above.
b. At the elementary level: score in the top 25th percentile on our spring NWEA math or reading assessment.

The President's Award for Educational Achievement recognizes students who have shown either outstanding educational growth and improvement, or an unusual commitment to learning despite various obstacles. This award recognizes the hard work and effort made by students who have consistently given their best effort in school.