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Fourth-grade students teach first graders about perseverance

Dec. 18, 2015

What is perseverance?

Kenneth L Rutherford first-grade students from Sara Kozachuk’s class can now answer that question with ease thanks to some very special presenters from Amanda Connor’s fourth-grade class. fourth grade students speak to first grade students about perseverence

After a recent particularly challenging series of math word problems, Mrs. Connor took the opportunity to teach her students a mini-lesson on the importance of perseverance using Caine Monroy as an example of determination and grit.

Caine is a nine-year-old boy in California who dreamed of making an arcade. He dedicated his entire summer break to creating an arcade entirely out of cardboard boxes and various household items, meticulously crafting each game down to its coin slots and tickets. When a filmmaker stumbled upon Caine’s Arcade, he was so impressed that he decided to make a film about it, and now people from around the globe have traveled to play with Caine’s cardboard arcade.

When Mrs. Kozachuk learned how enthusiastically the fourth-graders reacted to the lesson, she invited Ivan Pagan and Merlin Oestrich from Mrs. Connor’s class to come in and pass along the message to their younger peers.

The first graders sat rapt, listening to Ivan and Merlin’s true tale of a young boy with perseverance and ingenuity and peppered the two presenters with questions.

“Was it hard to do?”

“How can you make a basketball hoop out of cardboard?”

Melvin and Ivan couldn’t be stumped – they had done their research and were able to answer every single question.

So, what does perseverance mean? Never give up!